Saturday, June 28, 2008

mix of things

These are pictures from the past week or two, though maybe just one week.

I was shooting the 45 this evening and composed an image on the ground glass similar to this. But, I only have black and white loaded, so what I saw, the rainy green and those shining primaries just won't show up. Maybe I'll be surprised, but I think I need to keep the color film on hand.
I'm teaching a photo class at school. I took some pictures of the kids shooting, but I don't think I can share those, so here is a pano of the classroom before I started tearing it apart:

harvest from a couple weeks ago, the carrots are growing...
okay, so the light on this was amazing, and I was driving and this is a snapshot, but trust me, it was amazing.
I bought three pairs of kakhis and no shorts, such is my style, more towards the fall and winter side of life.
I am not a crafty, but I am starting to know the fabric store inside and out. It's only fair, if I get help pants shopping.

We went to a party at Alex's house in celebration of his upcoming wedding. It was at his parent's house in Deerfield. Mostly it was his parent's friends, but we got to meet Erin(fiance) and Chris and Jen who I hadn't seen for years. This is papa Pennock and Erin.
Erin and Jen
Chris(a little) architecture and Jen's hand and eye
Alex's mom made a short speech and cried a little. I'm not an event photographer, so I snapped this picture from behind. I like the comforting gesture in motion
There they are!!

The Party
So many wasps!!
what a garden
Why so glum, Jen?

harvest from last week. the carrots are bigger yet
I'm reading Geoff Dyer, "The Ongoing Moment." He looks at famous pictures and how they repeat and echo through the history of photogrphy. One subject that he finds in Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange and Robert Frank. My shot, timely considering the price.
Tiffany is either not pleased with "The Parrots of Telegraph Hill," or the distance to the nearest mailbox, or the fact of me taking a picture. I liked the red shoes and the netflix envelope.
I forgot my mother's birthday yesterday.
When I realized, I felt guilty and looked at the floor.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

trip to new york

Last weekend Tiffany and I went to New York. We stayed at her sister Tiara's house. This is Tiara's spare bedroom and woefully neglected guitar
And her woefully fat cat
nice expression, honey
Tiara has to tie her shoe
I've seen this picture before. I thought of Leah when I saw it
This is New York to me
Athea looks good in above-ground train
hot day, cold fish
hot dogs
We stopped at the Renegade Craft Fair. This is about how engaged I felt.
This was the best part of the craft fair
The best part for Tiffany was this gifted necklace and radish. People are so giving
We stopped at the Brooklyn Brewery where Tiara works on the weekends. These are the montessori phonetic vowel sounds:
a as in map
e as in bed
i as in tip
o as in mop
u as in mud
tiffany was given this necklace from a blog buddy at the craft fair. Eventually I'll add a link.
Tiara and Athea at the Thai restaurant
cool boots on the subway
my feelings about traffic