Thursday, June 24, 2010


I've started shooting 4x5 fuji velvia and provia transparency film. This is quick snaps my first batch. Unfortunately, some key pictures are either underexposed or slightly out of frame. I'm not sure of the reason for either of these problems, probably just care and practice.

Friday, June 11, 2010

100 years!

My Grandmother turned 100 years old this past week. We had a celebration at the nursing home. It was also an oportunity to hang with Sara, Mat and Isabel. We went out to breakfast, shopped at the farmer's market and chilled on a bench. Isabel, Tiffany and I ran some races. Isabel took some pictures. Here's the whole mess in no particular order:


I guess I forgot to post pictures from our trip to Chicago. Michael and Bina got married in April in Chicago and a bunch of friends went. Here's some pictures a lot of which include me.

I'm eating a bicycel coming out of Tiffany's head.
Here's me and a William Eggleston print
Me and the great conceptual artist Kristin
Me and the great boozer and newly married Michael
Jeff and Mara

Rainy day shooting

Mira took me to an old state school that was shut down sometime in the 90's. I've seen so many pictures from this place it was sort of deja vue. I'm looking forward to the chromes.

Not so secrest place, but unnamed here.
because the place it out of bounds and gets burned by vandals.
Mira taking some snaps
a lot of the place is light-less.

Friday, June 4, 2010

most 'uman

I have a tendancy to collect things: paper, pictures, cardboard, knick-knacks, cameras, tools, picture frames, etc. I was organizing today and moving it all around, and I made this relization. I am most human, me personally, when I'm moving all this usefully useless stuff around. Organizing and reorganizing. I would be a fool to think that I could ever lead the austere existence of my dreams. Or maybe it's the fight between the pack-rat and the bleached underwear wearing person, that makes me human. Just a thought.

my weekend starts on thursday

Sequencing is very important in these posts. Unfortunately, the uploader is poorly organized and it reverse how it places picture, I swear it does. Anyway, I'll just live with the random order that appears. Instead of explaining each and every picture I'll just say that I had a tiring week and Thursday morning was spent in slow contemplation of our little cubby-hole apartment.

some of that works... some doesn't