Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vermont Center of Photogrpahy

I got two pieces in the months VCP landscape photography show. Here's a picture with attempted with photomerge.

some tuesday a couple weeks ago

I tried to document everyplace I went one Tuesday. I forgot a bunch of places, but here it is:

Friday, March 12, 2010

catching up

Tiffany waking up in New York

I uploaded pictures from my canon A590 and remembered all the fun things that have happened to me in the past fortnight. Here's a sampling:

Dan all grimacing
Dan called a few days before and asked if I wanted to go skiing. New skis, new boots, hell yes! The sun was shining and the snow was white. The favorite trail that day was "Stump Jumper" on the south mountain. We ran it over a half dozen times.

I've been struggling in the Image and Object class at GCC. The premise in the curriculum is to combine photography and image-making with 3 dimensional sculpture or found objects or something. This was one false start to the spew of ideas pouring out of this oxymoron.

I already posted about visiting Tiara and Athea in New York around my birthday. Here's some highlights
Blurry with David and Gigi They gave us a short video performance in their studio. Check it out.

Ugly buildings, Chelsea
Tiffany pretending to look at Fred Sommer fetus
Sycamore trees on Argyle St, Brooklyn.
There's a lot we saw and a lot we missed. That's a big city, New York. You sure could store a lot of hay in those buildings.

Buckets in the basementIn a big old house like this you don't need to go far to find fun stuff to photograph. I'd say you don't even need to leave this house to find a life-time of things to photograph. But don't tell anyone I said that.

Sometimes I get bored looking around trying to find something to take a picture of

22 Severance StOn the back burner sits a projected I'm calling the Neighborhood Project. The idea is simple and the execution is time-consuming. I hope to bring it to fruition by the middle of the summer.

That's it for now. I will try to keep abreast with events as they happen, but no promises. For now,
...ta ta