Tuesday, July 28, 2009

collaborators wanted

A few months ago I posted a want-ad for a friend. I received only one brave applicant who saw through my thin veneer of exclusivity. So, I am re-posting the position in more people-friendly terms:

ISO human for long-term/short-term artistic collaboration. Human must have skills and sensitivity. Communication welcome through USPS or email welcome. Collaborators must not be deterred by large gaps in response(we all have important things that take time, right?) Themes may include, but are not limited to, disappointment, isolation, death of loved one, loss, vision, gender, cartography, stratification(economic and geologic), chess, road kill, romanticism, formalism, scataphilia, cameras, exercise, box building, cooking.

Send your notions to:
Clayton Salem
6 Main St
Greenfield, Ma

or email me

This posting can also be found on the Western Mass craigslist > community > artists